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This blog started in my head after a lousy run.  My oldest daughter Katie had just finished 8 weeks of swim team. She swam hard at practice for an hour 5 days a week plus swim meets.  She is so strong, so beautiful in the water.  So I invited her to join me on the last 2 miles of my long weekend run.  I thought she'd love it! She's in shape, right?  I had this vision in my head of us running side by side, sharing our love of movement & getting sweaty.

I'll spare you the gory details, but it was awful.  By the time we returned home from our run (which was way more walking than running) we were both angry and frustrated.  So, I began to research running and kids.  I found lots of information for moms hoping to exercise despite their children, but not a lot devoted to exercising with your children once they outgrow the jogging stroller.

I also found plenty of warnings- "kids should never run very far"... someone should tell my 4-year-old nephew about this one because he is currently logging a half marathon daily around his back yard.  Also, admonitions to "be certain that the child is properly hydrated"... and here I was planning on hogging the water bottle.

I'm no expert.  I'm just a mom who loves to run and is hoping that her kids will love it too.  I'll let you know what works for us as well as what doesn't.  We'll talk about motivation and most of all, keep it fun! I hope you'll share your thoughts with me as well- I don't believe for a moment that I'm the only Runner Mom around who wants her kids to grow up healthy & happy.

Will you join me? Let's Run Wild!

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