Thursday, October 5, 2017

Her Times 5K Race Report 2017

Hey friends!  This past Sunday was the Her Times 5K, 
an annual race just for us girls, here in my hometown.

14. That's how many pictures we have to take in order to get this group shot that we all like.  There was a shadow on Kristina's face, Katie's eyes looked weird, who knows... everyone gets to say "no" if they wish and we take the picture again.  14 times.  That's how we roll.

Pictured above- Me, Katie, Kristina (my BFF/Sis-in-law), Mandy, 
Grandma Glo & Makayla (my niece, Kristina's daughter)

I got to run with Kristina & Katie.  None of the three of us have been running much lately and we've been struggling with various ailments that you don't want to hear about.

Here's the selfie that sums up our race...

But we made it.  We walked more than usual but that also meant we chatted more than usual so I'm calling it a good morning.

Mandy & Makayla did their own run/walk thing 
and finished strong as always.
Grandma Glo (my Mom) walked with them at the beginning 
and then finished on her own.

This year they passed out headbands at the finish line! My friend Heather is a great race director.  She always finds little ways to make the day special for all the women who come out.

We always celebrate our finishes (regardless of whether or not we liked the time) with food.  Sunday we stopped at Tim Horton's and relieved them of quite a few donuts.

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