Monday, September 4, 2017

Younique News!

Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news! I've decided to become a Younqiue presenter.  


Well, because I'm a little obsessed with their mascara.  Honestly that's about it.  Since I fell in love with the mascara, I've learned about the other products and I'm hooked.  So now I want to share the love with you!

Find my Younique site HERE or click on the Younique tab above.

So here's the deal with my new favorite mascara.  The top picture is the Moodstruck Epic Mascara.  It's an awesome one-step product that looks great all day.
The bottom picture is the 3D Lashes.  They are a little something extra.  I wear them when I'm getting dressed up or sometimes when I just want to feel a little bit fancy on an otherwise normal day.

Contact me anytime in the comments or at

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