Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Picking up Heavy Stuff!

Well friends, a week makes a big difference.

I was all excited to re-visit The Ultimate Yogi 108.  My hips?... not so much. 
I've visited my chiropractor (Ellen the Amazing), and spent a lot of time with Dr. Google.  We've decided that weight-lifting seems to be working better for me.  I took several days away from any sort of exercise.  I have made friends with my couch and an ice pack and taken a good amount of ibuprofen. 

The good news is that I also did a good amount of knitting.

This week... back to picking up heavy things.  I have a 4-week program that Jamie Eason gave away during a Diet Bet last year and I'm going to use that to build my strength again.


My current Younique Party is HERE.  And this deal is good until Saturday 9/30... email me at krwblog@gmail.com and I'll hook you up! 

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