Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ready on the Outside

People, school has begun and I think it's fair to say that I was not ready.

I mean, we had all the supplies and the kids got on the bus and they had lunches packed and everything.  We looked ready on the outside.  
But in my heart I'm still living a summertime life.  
I don't want to go to bed on time.  I don't want to remember my schedule. 
 I'm longing to just put on a hat and call that "ready to go".  

But time moves on and I'd better get on board.  I can do this.

Katie & Mandy (dear, sweet daughters) 
are both in the marching band this year.  

This means they have weird tanlines that make it look as thought they are always wearing socks.  They also tend to sing under their breath a lot and seem a wee bit tired all the time.

They are also very, very happy.  

This is my new favorite picture of them and they are super excited that I keep sharing it with people.

Katie is the drum major with the flying ponytail.

Mandy is the little flutist with the surprised face.  We have no idea what she's looking at.  She's really not into football so I feel like it's unlikely that the game shocked her like this.

It's late... I guess I should go to bed.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about the 5K that nearly did me in.

Peace out.

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