Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A New Friend at the Beach

Hey friends!

Fun fact: there are beaches in Pennsylvania.

Did you know? They are practically in my back yard, so naturally I don't go out and enjoy them very often. Usually around this point in the summer I start feeling guilty about the way that I take Lake Erie for granted and get the girls out there.  This summer is no exception.

I got a little sun, my freckles popped out, 
and we found a teeny little friend.

This tiny frog went hopping up my beach towel and Mandy caught him.

We checked him out and sent him on his way.  He hopped over to the next family on the beach and they put him in a bucket. 

Then they sort of loudly decided that he needed some water dumped on him because he might be dehydrated and they needed to escort him back to the tree-lined edge of the beach.

Here's where the story gets good... Mandy announced that she was going back in the water and on her way said to them, "You can tell by his coloring that he's a sand dweller and should just be left here."

That's my girl.  Defender of all things living.

I won't lie... they looked annoyed. 
 I remembered that I am busy raising strong women 
and decided not to care.

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