Monday, July 24, 2017

Motivation/Metabolism Monday 7/24

Hey there friends!

I'm attempting to start this week off on the right foot by telling you my plan! I'm re-starting the Fast Metabolism Diet tomorrow.   I've done it before with great success.  When I follow the plan my skin looks better, my digestion gets more regular (tmi?), and I generally feel better.  So why don't I do it all the time? Well, because I never did say I always make good choices.  And also it's a little labor-intensive to plan all the food.  But no more excuses - I'm doing it!

Last night I made a big pot of my favorite Fast Metabolism Turkey Chili which I can eat on both
Phase 1 & Phase 3.  It also freezes well so I can have this hearty soup ready in the freezer as my "just in case" meal.

Saturday morning I got to go for a run with my Best Running Friend/ Sister-in-law, Kristina.  We have both been slackers in the running department this summer.  When we manage to run together we enjoy it so much that we wonder why we don't do it all the time.  (See note above on how I don't always make good choices)

The weather was quite humid and our bodies seemed a wee bit shocked that we were going to try this running thing again but overall it was a great morning.  My two cutie nieces even came out to greet me in their jammies.

Adorable, right?  

(Just a note, when you race them down the driveway 
they are big cheaters.)

Before I got a shower I took my beagle for a nice walk.  He's been kind of a slacker this summer too so we both got our butts in gear.

Tomorrow begins week 7 of Jamie Eason's Oxygen Challenge program.  I am seriously loving it.  I had to go buy heavier dumbbells.  Yay!

I'm gonna keep this motivation going all week.  For real.

Here I go!

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