Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More from Independence Day & things I need to remember

Hi everyone! We're back from vacation, the summer camps I've been working have ended and today was my first real day off in quite awhile.  No appointments, no running kids all over creation - just a few errands to run on any old schedule.  Yay! So I thought I'd take a few minutes to tell you about our vacation to Washington DC.

The best day by far was the 4th of July when my 2 kids marched in the National Independence Day Parade.  The route took them down Constitution Avenue right past the Washington Monument.  This was Katie's first performance with the band since being named Jr. Drum Major.

Mandy has joined the marching band this year and was such a trooper in DC.  Parade day was about 92 degrees.  When you march in the National parade you want to look your spiffiest which means full uniform... this also means you are really hot.

That night we attended the Capitol Fourth Concert on the lawn of the Capitol building.  It was so fun!  The Beach Boys were there and thy played my song.  I've been saying tho is for a couple weeks now.  I'm kind of shocked how many people respond with "what's your song?  Umm... people have been singing Help Me Rhonda at me my whole life.  (And I swear everyone thinks they are the first person to sing it *sigh*)

John Stamos hosted - he's still dreamy and doesn't seem to age.  

I really couldn't have been more happy with the fact that Ken was able to go with us.  His recovery from surgery in March has been difficult and slow-going.  We were over due for some fun.

I hope you & your family are enjoying every last bit of summer.  I feel like I'm still learning that life is short and can change on a dime.  I shouldn't take anything for granted.  I'm working on remembering that.  Feel free to remind me.

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