Saturday, July 23, 2016

I Confess... I'm a Fidgeter

My name is Rhonda and I fidget.

If you're not new here, you know that I'm a knitter. 
 I also enjoy multiple crafty hobbies and I play the piano.  In short, my hands need to be moving a lot.  I have troubling just watching TV.  Usually I'm knitting (I have specific TV-watching knitting.  It's the easy projects).  

But it turns out that I'm not alone.  Lots of people report being fidgeters and we are learning that fidgeting has it's benefits!  It's science... I didn't make this stuff up.

This summer I've been teaching at a music & theatre camp for kids.  We need them to sing and I need their attention but it can be hard for little kids (big ones too) to just be still.  So I provided them with "fidgets".  I had a basket on the piano and let them know that they were welcome to take one whenever they felt like it. 
 No need to ask permission.

These ones were easy and cheap.  
You can order the book rings HERE and a big bag of pony beads HERE.

The kids just loved these.  On their way into my classroom they stopped at the piano 
to pick out just the right fidget.  I used many colors, shapes and sizes.

Do you fidget?

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