Friday, April 22, 2016

Goals, Motivation and another 13.1 Miles...

It's official- I am once again registered to run the Presque Isle Half Marathon in July!

This was the first half marathon I ever ran and I've been back several times since then. (I'm not sure how many- if you need to know I'll figure it out)
I am learning that goals make me happy. 
I like short term goals especially when they stack up and get me to a long term goal.
I have also learned that I like to map things out. So last night I sat down and made a spreadsheet outlining exactly how I'm going to get to the starting line. (Well- hopefully the finish line as well 😉)

Today I paid the race registration fee (making this official and not just something I'm talking about) and increased my chances of logging some miles by about a zillion percent!

Do you have long term fitness goals?
Do you like to make a plan, or do you just wing it?

I'd love to hear what motivates you!

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