Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Ate Wednesday- 2/3 edition

Hello again blog friends!
Now that I'm back to posting we shall resume Wednesdays full of food.  
(To my family- yes, this means you must wait to eat until food has been properly photographed)

Katie & I went to Sam's Club on Sunday and sampled a few dips.  This Raspberry Chipotle one was our favorite.  We dip tortilla chips in it.  So stinking good.

I also grabbed one of those salads in a bag.  This one is Buffalo Ranch and my current favorite.  
This probably means I'm going to keep serving it until the rest of my family is sick to death of it 
and I'm the only one left eating it.

We came home from our journey to find that Ken had started smoking ribs.  This process takes a good 4-5 hours so we only get them on the weekend and we get super excited about it.

This is the before shot...

and this is what they look like after smoking...

Delicous! I prefer mine dry rubbed.  Sometimes I dip in a little ranch. 
(I truly think so many foods are better with ranch)  Ken dips his in barbecue sauce.

What's been delicious in your house lately?

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