Monday, September 28, 2015

Learning to Jump Rope- finally!

Hey friends! Today was Day 1 Week 2 of Jamie Eason's's LiveFit Trainer, Phase 3. I finished her 12-week "From Flat to All That" program & this is what I'm up to now! 

Jamie incorporates cardio intervals into weight training all the time and she loves jumping rope!

Confession: I have NEVER been able to jump rope and it has always bugged me. So I bought a jump rope & spent Saturday afternoon practicing. Now when the plan says "1 minute jump rope" I CAN DO IT!

So, how did I finally get the rhythm of the rope at age 42?

First, I bought  this Buddy Lee Jump Ropes Hyperformance Cross Speed Jump Rope (<---that's an affiliate link.  If you click on it and order, I earn a little bit of cash from Amazon at no additional cost to you.  Thanks!)  It comes in black but of course I ordered the pink one.  I feel like I sweat better with snazzy equipment. You do your thing.

I had no idea that there were fancy jump ropes, but believe me when I say that this thing is way better than the one you had when you were chanting on the playground.  If jumping was hard for you (like me), you might just need better equipment.  The first thing you do when you open the package is size it especially for yourself and then tell the kids to leave it alone. This toy belongs to mama.

Next, I signed up for Sara Solomon's Learn to Jump Rope videos.  They are free and come directly to your inbox.  Right now I can only do the bounce step, but I'm seeing fancy tricks in my future!

It was a lot of work, but totally worth the satisfaction of calling Katie to the basement and saying, "Look what I learned! I've always wanted to do this!"

I jumped again in my workout this morning. I was so proud that I bought myself a Cafe Americano at Starbucks to celebrate.

Can you jump rope?
Is there something you've always wished you could do?

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