Friday, August 14, 2015

Color Run 2015 Race Report & Tips for Your First Color Run

Hello friends!  I really hope you're enjoying the remainder of summer.  
We are trying hard to make the most of every minute.

Last weekend we headed out early on Saturday morning for the Color Run right here in my hometown.  I think it's just great that we get to experience a big event without the expense of traveling.

Katie, Mandy, & I picked up Kristina (my sis-in-law/Best Runner Friend).  We were all looking very clean and white but that wouldn't last long.  Mandy actually loves the Color Run, which is fun since she complains a lot and threatens to throw up at every other run.

Katie & Mandy got all crafty and made their own tutus.  
They offered to make one for me but I politely declined.

Here are their before & after photos...

I was a little late and they had already thrown their rainbow tutus in the car before I got to take the "after" photo.

I posted this photo on Instagram and even got a little comment from the Color Run people! We felt really cool.

We ran into so many friends I lost count.  I was super excited to see some friends who don't normally run getting out there and getting sweaty in the name of a good time.

My friend MaryJo (right) headed out with her sister... Aren't they cute?

Kerrie took her gorgeous smile out for a colorful spin...

Laura missed this year's Color Run.  She had the best excuse I've heard... she's training for an IronMan Triathlon and was out on her bike being a badass and riding all over God's green earth.

Here's her cute pic from Color Run 2014...
...I love her pink nose. :)

We went through the Drive-Thru at Tim Horton's after the race instead of going inside looking like this...

We will definitely be back for another Color Run in 2016!

Some tips for your first Color Run:

1. Wear sunglasses to keep the colorful dust out of your eyeballs.  You shouldn't care too much about the sunglasses you wear as you might want to just toss them in a trash can later.

2. Wear something on your head.  We found that getting the color off of your scalp can be tough.

3. Have fun! This is not the race to try and get a PR.  People walk, dance, run & spin through the color stations.  Sometimes they even lie down in the color for a moment.  Go with the flow.

Have you ever done a Color Run?
What tips do you have?
Would you do it again?

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