Saturday, July 18, 2015

July Fun!

Here's what I love about being an American... 364 days of the year it's completely socially acceptable to complain about the state of the union, criticize the current government (or past governments, whatever), and lament the way things used to be.  But, every year on July 4th we all get dressed up like flags and generally look like crazy people in order to celebrate this great nation.

Once we all remember that there's really nowhere else we'd like to live at this moment, we celebrate by watching parades and then setting off enough fireworks to burn up a small village right in our own backyards.  
(I'm just telling you what I know.  I couldn't make this stuff up.)

This year's parade was particularly fun.  I went with Mandy & Grandma Glo and we even took Ruger with us.
He was fairly unimpressed.

Katie was marching with her high school band for the very first time.
She's the second mellophone in from the end. 
(that's the thing that sort of looks like a trumpet with a really big bell on the end.)

Ken did the parade with a small drum corps that he's been working with.  That's him standing on the front of the trailer.  These guys have figured out how to do a parade with minimal effort.

My brother John stopped by on his way down the parade route with his family.  He is running for a local political office and took the morning to meet some voters.  My sweet nephew, Brian was with him.  He said down for just a moment & tried on Mandy's shades.

Isn't he cute?

Since then, we've been going to swim meets and hanging out with friends and generally enjoying the heck out of this summer.  Sometimes at swim meets I leave my phone unattended and then I find this...

She's lucky she's cute.

How has your family been enjoying July?

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