Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Glowing Report

Hey friends!  I just came home from the Dollar Store where I bought a load of glow sticks, glow glasses, glow wands, and generally fun glowy stuff for the 4th of July picnic that we will be hosting this Saturday evening.  While I was making my selections I realized that I had never told you about the Glow Run 5K!

You might remember last year's Glow Run when I wasn't terribly impressed 
and we almost lost Grandma Glo.

I wasn't really thinking I'd run this race again, but my BRF Kristina thought we should give it another chance.  (It only seemed fair to agree to this plan.  Lord knows I have talked her into some crazy plans.)

This year we took a smaller group- me, Katie, & Kristina.  We left Grandma Glo and the tiny people in our family safely at home so that we could be sure not to lose them.

The course was a little different this year.  The organizers said it was less hilly.  I don't really know about that- there's just no way to lay out a flat 5K in that area.  But this year I think we were more mentally prepared.

The starting line once again had a party atmosphere that we appreciated.

See the lady on stilts?  We saw her and another lady wearing what appeared to be really long wedding dresses at the start.  We weren't entirely sure what to think of it.

But then we saw them again as we came close to the finish line.

Check them out!  They're like glow-in-the-dark Bo Peeps or something!

Katie and I snapped a selfie at the finish...

This year the finish line was way better.  It was actually dark when we got there!
I was so glad the organizers realized that a Glow Run should have an element of Glow in it.

This year we were much happier with our Glow Run experience.  I was impressed that the organizers really seemed to learn from the first try.  Packet pick-up was quick and organized.

We'll be back next year!
(but I think we'll still leave Grandma at home)

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