Thursday, February 5, 2015

SnowShoes, Skis and Little Fishies

Hello friends.  Winter has officially brought out the big guns in my neck of the woods.  The snow is deep, the air is cold, and my feet may never be warm again.

A lot of people around here spend the month of February complaining about the weather. (I would just like to take a moment here to say that I feel like people who go outside wearing only a hoodie for outerwear have officially forfeited the right to complain)  Instead of complaining, we like to look for the winter fun.

Last weekend we make our Saturday trek to the Wilderness Lodge where snow is looked upon as good news!  I got to spend time snowshoeing on the trails.  I really can't think of a prettier place to spend the afternoon.

Katie and Mandy headed out with the Wilderness Wildcats to enjoy some fun in the snow on their skis.

Ken has been ice fishing a lot this winter.  I'm so glad he's getting to use the big tent thing I got him for Christmas.  I really felt like ordering that thing might have jinxed our winter activities and led to warmer than usual temperatures.  I should not have underestimated my hometown.  One thing it always delivers is a serious winter!

Ken brought these guys home along with a few of their friends...

Aren't they pretty? They were delicious, too!

I also made a medicinal tea from a recipe in Haylie Pomroy's new book
These days I'm all about using food as medicine and Haylie's books & website are just overflowing with good information.  

I love hot tea on a cold night.

Is it cold where you live?
How do you make the most of the winter months?

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