Monday, January 26, 2015

Living with #NoExcuses- My Style

So, no sooner had I committed myself to the #SweatPink #No Excuses challenge, when I got the flu.  And if that wasn't bad enough, Katie & Mandy got the flu too!

So this week my friends at FitApproach asked participants to share what No Excuses means to us.  And I thought about it.  Does "No Excuses" mean that no matter what happens I'm getting active every single day?  No.  Just no.  Because I'm telling you that last week I couldn't think about getting off my couch without wanting to cry.

When I say I'm committed to living a healthy lifestyle with No Excuses, what I  mean is that I'll always get back on track.  I won't be derailed by an off day or an off week (or even an off month).  Because those down times are going to come and go.  Life just doesn't always work out as planned.  But, I will always come back to running, always find my way back to my yoga mat, and always resume stuffing my face with veggies!

(Let's just not talk about that night last week when I ate a bag of chips and called it "dinner."  Poor Katie thought her mother had completely gone bye-bye)

Care to join me in my #NoExcuses living?
There's really only one rule: Share, Share, Share using the hashtags #SweatPink and #NoExcuses.  Use them everywhere. (And if you'd like to tag me I'd love to cheer you on)

Here are this week's prompts:

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