Saturday, January 24, 2015

In Which I Ask For A Little Extra...

Dear Blog,

Usually I come here and tell you all of the things we've been doing since the last time we spoke.  In fact, around here it's not uncommon for Katie & Mandy to ask, "Is this going on the blog?" or "Are you going to tell the blog?" while things are happening.

But, not this time.  These past two weeks have been intense and for once the answer is, "No.  This is for us, this isn't for the blog."  Don't worry, everything is fine now and we're all okay.  In fact, we're getting back to the general silliness that is our everyday life.  And friends, life is good.

In fact, the stress of the last two weeks is beginning to give way to a new appreciation of family.  I'm feeling unreasonably happy to just sit with my kids and watch TV.  I'm loving time spent together as a foursome in the car and brief hugs for no reason at all.  I have been reminded that this family is precious and that I should not miss an opportunity to say so.

Today the girls began to get a little snarky with each other.
Normally I might have scolded them.
Today I just asked for a little extra patience, a little extra kindness.  "Do it for me, okay?" and they did.

Yes, life is good. And I'll put that on the blog any day.

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