Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Prep & Turkey Talk

Hello blog friends!  

Are you knee-deep in Christmas prep like I am?  Around here we're calling it Operation Ho-Ho and it's serious business. We like our Christmas red, green, and with no shortage of bling.  I feel mostly prepared for the big day with just a few gifts left to buy and loads of wrapping to do.  We're not going to talk about the knitting that still needs to be finished... I've still got time. Right?

So, I was just looking through my pictures and I can't believe I never told you about Thanksgiving!  I considered skipping this talk altogether since it's been awhile, but I love the Turkey Trot so much that I can't let it go.

That morning started with me getting the girls out of bed REALLY early yelling, "It's Turkey Trot Day! It's Turkey Trot Day!"  I don't mind telling you that it felt really good to do that after all the Christmases that they've tried to haul me out of bed at the butt-crack of dawn.

We picked up Grandma Glo and my BRF/sis-in-law Kristina and we were off!

Please excuse the darkness of the picture.  I'm not kidding around, it was really stinking early.  Aunt Kristina had us leave really early since we almost missed the start last year.  This resulted in us getting to the starting line and sitting in the car for about 45 minutes.  Someday we'll get it just right.

Kristina, Katie and I ran together.  It was a really nice day and we even got some big fluffy snowflakes while we were out there.  This was good news because Kristina and I don't like it if the weather at the Turkey Trot is too spring-like.  We need just a little snow & cold in order to have bragging rights at the dinner table later on.

I totally forgot to take pictures for you out on the course.  Oh well.

We got to the finish and Kristina and I got our selfie.  We've been Turkey Trot partners for many years now and I hope we'll be heading out there for many years to come.

When we got to the finish we found our friend Caitlin who had left her mom in the dust 
and was now playing the waiting game.

Grandma and Mandy walked the 5K which made Mandy really happy since she insists that 
running hurts her neck. (she refuses to believe us when we tell her our necks are fine)

We took our group picture before we headed home to get ready for dinner.
Did I tell you that we were hosting at our house this year?

Once we got home we found Ken giving the turkeys some love.  He is actually the reason we ended up hosting this year.  He's been smoking meat like crazy all during the fall and just had to try his hand at the Thanksgiving bird. (which ended up being 2 birds)

Ruger was no help at all in the dinner preparations.  
He entertained himself watching the dog show.

The birds came out of the smoker looking as delicious as they tasted.  
This was the first year I can remember when there were no turkey leftovers.
(no, they're not burned.  The rub crisps up like that and the inside is juicy)

We had a great day with family.  
It was really the sort of day that left me thinking that I have much to be thankful for.

After everyone went home and the girls went to bed, Ruger decided we needed to have a snuggle.  I didn't argue with him.  It's really the perfect way to end a good day.

Are you ready for Christmas?

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