Friday, November 28, 2014

Why Start Doing Yoga?

So, have I told you how much I love yoga? ha!  Unless this is your first time here, (and if it is, Welcome!) 
you probably know that I love yoga.  It's like an old friend I keep coming back to.

One of my December goals is to get a longer yoga practice in at least twice a week. 
(longer meaning around an hour)  I know that yoga helps me to manage my stress and the holiday season can surely be a stressful one.

I asked some friends in an active Facebook yoga group to tell me how they started doing yoga. 

Carin ~ I was introduced to yoga through P90X yoga dvd and i loved how I felt AFTER i was done. peaceful, content,

Alma said ~ I tried some very basic Rodney Yee DVD in my early forties and loved the benefits of greater range of motion and ease of movement. I also tried the P90X yoga and had the same experience as Carin. I'd been contemplating going deeper into yoga for a while. When my friend Denise suggested the 108 UY challenge to me I joined the journey that began in 5/2013. I've been practicing since.

(I've seen Alma's pics.  She & yoga are good friends!)

Megs~ Started in 2000 when we did West Side Story at the Erie Playhouse. It was mandatory for dance shows so we were warmed up to prevent injuries. It didn't become a major part of my life until now. 

Barry ~ Severe injury , long story short lead me to doing Power 90 with Tony Horton, to P90X to looking to still heal up and the P90X / exercise helped, but still had pain and agony just not as severe ,found DDPYoga which lead me to Ultimate Yogi which lead me to Yoga Warrior 365...and the healing continues thankfully.

Denise ~ I hurt my back pretty badly doing other workouts and just being careless with form. Eventually yoga was the only thing I COULD do. I spent a lot of time lying on a heating pad...and googling things for some kind of relief......I found Tara Stiles' yoga on youtube and really enjoyed her approach and then one night found Travis' Yoga Foundations, which led to Cross Train and then Short and Sweet, and 108. THEN I was hooked. It will be two years in December for me. It has been life changing. And I am so grateful for it.

Aaron ~ I wanted superpowers. (me too, Aaron.)

Yariv ~ I started in London as a supplement to martial arts but I really took to it in my late thirties in preparation for surgery. After six months of a strong yoga practice the doctor told me I didn't need the surgery.

(Yariv is now responsible for bringing us some awesome yoga workouts! 
Check out

Laura ~ I started yoga primarily for my mental well being. As someone who suffers with depression and an anxiety related disorder, yoga helps me to find focus. Also I had a breast cancer scare last year that needed me to address my physical health.

Give yourself (or someone you love) the gift of yoga this Christmas.  
Order Rudy Mettia's Yoga Warrior 365 HERE. <--Affiliate Link 

And tell me in the comments- Do you Yoga?

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