Monday, November 24, 2014

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Happy Monday everyone!

Around here we are busy preparing for Thanksgiving because we are hosting this year!  Yikes!

Ken & I haven't hosted a Turkey Day since before our kids were born.  The family was smaller then.  We each had younger siblings who weren't married yet and there were no grandchildren on either side of the family.  But, we're committed. (or should be committed? You decide.)

Ken is going to smoke the turkeys this year.  Yep, that was turkeys- plural.  He says that doing two 9 lb turkeys is better than one gigantic bird.  And since he's in charge of the bird, it's really his call.

I'm in charge of potatoes- the sweet kind and the mashed kind.  Before you ask, I don't put marshmallows in my sweet potatoes.  I know some people do that and all I have to say to you is ICK!

All of the family members are bringing the rest of the meal.  Grandma Sally is doing some pies, Grandma Glo is doing some pies and lasagna.  Aunt Kristina is bringing her famous cornbread casserole, Aunt Pam is bringing stuffing... really I've lost track. All I know for sure is that there will be plenty of food around here on Thursday.

But, we're doing other kinds of prep, too.  (really, it's not all about the food around here)

Today we're headed to early packet pick-up for our annual Turkey Trot 5K.  Full disclosure- I think I like the race even better than the meal.  This year I'll head out with Katie, Mandy, Grandma Glo and my BRF (best running friend)/ Sister-in-law, Kristina.

Here's us at last year's Turkey Trot...

I've also made myself a schedule of workouts for the week in an effort to off-set all the eating I plan to do on Thursday.  Today was P90X3 Total Synergistics.  I want to take Ruger for a walk, but it's super windy out there right now and I don't want my dog to blow away.  Maybe it will settle down later.

Ruger doesn't care...

On Friday we'll officially roll out Christmas around here. The truth is, we've been listening to the music already and we're sort of sneaking into Christmas.  But Friday it gets real.  My daughter Katie and I have started pinning Christmas fun on a Pinterest board and we'd love to have you follow it and re-pin or make things or do whatever you do.  You can find it HERE and we'll be adding to it all month long!

By the way, the winner of the WIN giveaway was Megs!  yay!  I've already sent her address along to the nice people at WIN.  I know that she is super active so I can only imagine the pile of sweaty clothes she has.

How are you preparing for Thanksgiving?
What's your favorite dish?
What dish do you wish your family would forget?

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