Monday, November 17, 2014

It's a WIN detergent giveaway! #SweatHardSmellGreat

So, I'm back from my blogging break and I have a giveaway just for you! 

The makers of Win detergent and my friends at SweatPink sent me 2 bottles of Win detergent in exchange for writing this blog post AND I get to give 2 bottles of Win detergent to one of you!

The sweaty summer season is over, but that doesn't mean we're done getting sweaty!

In fact, once the snow starts my family hits the ski trails and goes snow shoeing and the piles of sweaty clothes just get deeper.  Win detergent is great for getting the stink out of our gear.

I've used  WIN Detergent Blue in the past and it's done a great job at de-stinking our gross ski gear and my sweaty running gear.

  But I was pleasantly surprised to find that WIN Detergent Green is just as effective without fragrances or dyes.

So, how do you win some WIN ?
(ha! did you see what I did there?)

It's easy! 

You have 4 chances to win... leave a separate comment telling me that you've completed each of the following tasks and you're in!

1. Tweet about this post using the hashtag #SweatHardSmellGreat
Tag me! @kidsrunwild

2. Follow WIN on Twitter

3. Follow WIN on Instagram

4. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite way to get sweaty in the fall & winter months!

And although it's not necessary for the giveaway, I'd be super excited if you'd follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

I'll announce a winner on Wednesday!

Disclaimer: I was given 2 bottles of WIN detergent in exchange for writing this post.  
All opinions, text & stinky laundry are mine.

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