Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hello readers? You still here?

Hello??? Are you here?  Are you still reading?  Thank you for your patience.  I know, I've been a complete slacker of a blogger lately.  But I'm back and I'm deeply thankful that you're here too.  Let's chat.

First, what happened to me?

Well, I took on that 31 Days of Blogging Challenge in October.  I was going to give you a whole month of lists.  I'm going to go ahead and put that into the category called "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

But when I committed, I forgot a few things.  I forgot that I'm not the sort of blogger who stays on one theme for a whole month.  Heck, frequent readers are probably thinking that I sometimes have trouble sticking to one theme for an entire post!

I also forgot that I don't like to post every single day.  I like to post when I actually have something to say!  And I'm not really big on giving advice.  I'm happy to tell you all about things that are working for me, just in case they might work for you too, but I don't like to flat-out tell you what to do.  That's just not how I roll.

So once I started in on that plan (that really did seem like a good one) I started to feel really penned in by it.  I didn't want to make lists.  I wanted to tell you random things!  (I always feel like you enjoy those posts most)

So I wandered away from the blog & didn't post anything.  And I missed it.

So I'm back.

I'm making no promises, but I'll try to do better.

And since it's Wednesday and I've totally ditched you in the What I Ate Wednesday department, let me try and make it up to you.

Ken bought a smoker and he made me this chicken.  After I took the picture it fell right off the bones.  It was delicious!

There, that's better.

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