Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Fun- Zombies, Trees & Silly Girls

So I've missed out on telling you quite a few things while I took my little break from blogging.
Warning:  This post could go all over the place.

Back in October Katie & Mandy had the opportunity to perform as zombies at a Zombie 5K right here in our hometown.  This particular 5K is run by our local community theatre so the zombies look pretty real.

Yes, that's my little Mandy with a gunshot wound to the chest.  When I posted this picture on Facebook, some of my friends were momentarily alarmed and thought that she was injured.  I was momentarily alarmed that they thought I'd whip out my phone and start taking pictures instead of rushing the child to an ER.

Katie & her friend Jenna went as Zombie Anna & Elsa, so lots of little girls wanted their picture taken with them.  Seriously, it's like they didn't even notice that these princesses were dead.

Ruger even went along to the 5K with us and spent some time sniffing everyone & everything. 
He wasn't overly impressed with the zombies.

Several friends asked me why I wasn't running.  Honestly, this just isn't my kind of race.  I like to put on my headphones and zone out when I run.  I don't want to chase anyone and and I don't want to be chased.  
But I had a great time cheering on the runners & zombies!

I've been spending lots of time knitting.  
Most recently, I knit up this teeny little tree.

I'm looking forward to knitting a teeny little forest to go with it.

And I always have time to take silly selfies with funny girls who are growing up way too fast.

As I'm typing this, the first snow of the year is settling on my deck.  I'm looking forward to taking Ruger out for his walk this morning and seeing what he thinks of it.

Have a great day!

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