Monday, October 13, 2014

Her Times 5K 2014 recap!

This post is a little late but I couldn't skip it.  Last weekend I ran my favorite 5K once again.  The Her Times 5K is an all-female 5K and it was the first race where I felt like a runner.  It would take an awful lot for me to miss it.

Unfortunately, Grandma Glo was down for the count with pneumonia 
so I set out for the race with Katie & Mandy.

We caught up with our friends, Emily and Kate at the start.  Kate is super fast (3rd overall- wow!) so she lined up at the front.  Katie & I headed for the middle of the pack and Mandy & Emily joined the walkers.

There's always time for a fun shoe picture before the start.

For once we were happy that the weather man was wrong.  Despite a forecast that called for a cold, rainy morning the weather was great.  The sun even peeked out at us for awhile and the temperature was perfect once we got moving.  

Katie & I stuck together and to her credit she did not whine even though I was pushing her a little.  
She left the race with a new 5K PR that day! Nice!

We hung around the finish line for awhile and Kate found us. (she'd been there for a bit already) Eventually we spotted Mandy & Emily on their way to the finish line and cheered them all the way in!

Happy, sweaty finish line selfies all around completed an awesome morning!

Do you have a favorite race that you just wouldn't miss?

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