Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 Yoga Practices to Try This Week

I love yoga.

There have been times in my left when I've walked away from my yoga mat for short periods of time, but I always come back. 

If you haven't tried yoga, I encourage you to give it a chance.  There are many different types of practices, so don't try one class and decide you're not a yogi.  Try different teachers, try different styles.  There is probably a yoga practice that's right for you.

Here are 5 yoga practices to try this week!

1. Jillian Michaels- Yoga Meltdown

This one is not traditional.  
True to form, Jillian uses yoga as just another tool to kick your butt.

2. Tara Stiles- Energizing Morning Yoga

Although Tara Stiles is know as a bit of a rebel in the world of yoga, her style is fairly traditional.  Don't be intimidating by her flexibility, work at your own pace.

3. Sadie Nardini

Sadie likes to get your blood pumping.  I always find her workouts deceiving... I think they're easy and then I realize I'm sweating and getting tired.

4. Denise Austin Yoga Metabolism Booster

I've been a Denise Austin fan for a long time.  She's dipped her toe into most kinds of fitness and yoga is no exception.  Her positive personality is contagious and beginner-friendly.

5. Sara Ivanhoe

Sara is another accessible yoga teacher.  She encourages students to push themselves while keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing.


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