Saturday, October 4, 2014

5 Reasons to sign up for a Fall 5K

This morning I'm at the Her Times 5K with my mom and my 2 daughters.  We've done this race several years in a row and we're looking forward to a great time with 700 other women!  I really think you should sign up for a fall 5K and this list explains all the reasons why.

Mandy finishing the 2013 Her Times 5K

1.  The weather is perfect for running or walking!

In my mind, fall trumps summer for outdoor activities.  I'm less likely to sweat to my death and I don't have to be all bundled up just to peek out the front door.

2.  If you've been at all active over the summer, you're probably in good enough shape for a 5K.

3.1 miles is a perfect first race distance.  If you can't run the whole thing, 
you can certainly do a run/walk combination or even just walk the whole distance.  
In fact, you can probably walk the 5K distance on zero training.

3.  You can probably talk some friends into joining you.

Even your least active friends might be willing to cross their first finish line right along with you if the distance sounds reasonable and the weather is nice.  
(If they need extra motivation, go out for brunch together after the race) 

Multi-generational fun at the Glow Run 5K

4. You need a goal.

I know that if I spend the money to sign up for a race, I'm probably going to get more active in the days and weeks prior to that race.  

5. The holiday season (and it's goodies) is right around the corner.

The holiday season typically brings a larger-than-normal share of sweet treats and stress.  
Exercise is the perfect way to combat holiday stress & weight gain!

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