Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Reasons to Drink Your Water Today

1.  It's free.
I'm assuming you have access to a faucet.  You don't have to buy bottled water, just go get a glass.

2.  It makes you feel full.
Are you hungry?  Are you sure?  You might just be thirsty.
Have a big glass of water before you
snack just to make sure.

3. It will improve your mood.
Several studies have linked dehydration to irritability, headaches, and  difficulty concentrating.  Yikes!

4.  If you don't, you could die.
Depending on our environment, human beings can only live a few days without water.  Doesn't that seem to indicate that it's important?

5. It makes your skin look better.
My skin gets very dry as soon as we turn on the furnace.  If you're like me, get your water.  Your dry, flaky skin will start to recover.

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