Monday, September 8, 2014

My Color Run 5K report- only a month late.

Hello friends & happy Monday to you!

I was just looking through my pictures and realized that I never told you about the Color Run we did in August!  I'm so very sorry.  Since it was a month ago I considered just moving on, but some of these pics are fun.  I wouldn't want you to miss my little blueberry...

This was the first time the Color Run has come to my little town.  It sold out early and everyone started getting a wee bit worried.  Could we handle a run with 10,000 bodies?  Where was everyone going to park?  

(Side note: in Erie PA we act like we're being tortured if we have to park more than a block away from our destination.   We understand that people in bigger cities routinely walk 20+ blocks to get where they want to go, but that's not how we roll in these parts.)

Katie, Mandy and I got dressed in our brand new white t-shirts and decked out in our Color Run themed bling.

Please note- fun, cheapo sunglasses are a must for a Color Run.

We found our friend Brennan...

Umm... we don't know the big photo-bomber guy in the background. ha!

Downtown Erie looked like an advertisement for Clorox.

We got rolling- really appreciate the wave starts!- and nobody was clean for very long.

Mandy typically doesn't love to run.  She says it hurts her neck. 
But during this race she was woo-hooing the whole time!  
She said it was the best 5K ever!

I was really impressed by the organization of this big event.

Packet pick-up was quick and easy. Parking turned out to be no big deal.  
(we walked 6 blocks from our car and did not die)

We even managed to find our friend Brennan again at the finish.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the course.

I sure hope that nice officer didn't have to go and try to be intimidating after this...

We took ourselves home and started the cleaning process.

We kept finding little patches of blue for a couple days after the race.

Have you ever done a Color Run?

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