Friday, September 19, 2014

A little catching up before the weekend

Hey friends! Happy Weekend to you!

I'm feeling pretty recovered from my half marathon now.  My legs were really sore on Monday & Tuesday, then on Wednesday my seasonal allergies decided to flare up.  
So Thursday was my first little run this week and it felt good.

I spent some time knitting while I recovered.  This little purse used to be a black t-shirt.

I took Ruger to the vet to get his nails cut (because I'm too chicken to do it) and found out that he has gained 3 lbs in a month.  Needless to say, he'll be getting more walks & less treats!

Captain America's shirt is looking a little snug
Before I leave you to get busy with all the good stuff that your weekend has to offer, here are a few posts I've enjoyed this week. I hope you enjoy them too!

Leave me a comment 
& let me know what good stuff you're up to this weekend!

10 Things to Remember When  You're Feeling Stuck - from Marc and Angel Hack Life

Are You a People Pleaser? from Gretchen Rubin
(Mandy & I think we are Questioners- what are you?)

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