Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thoughts from an Over-Hobbier

I have sometimes been accused of being an over-hobbier.  Actually, Ken thinks I have a lot of hobbies.  My friends like to use the word "enabler" because I like to drag them into my fun as well.

I run, I love yoga, & lately I'm a wee bit obsessed with P90X3.

By the way, I got these new running shoes this week from Leftlane Sports.  
The price was great and I really liked running in them on Saturday.

I like to cook & buy fun kitchen gadgets.  I play several instruments and I sing. 
I read A LOT and I knit.

In fact, my love for knitting can be a little bit unreasonable. 
(I feel like it could be worse- I could be this excited about cabbage.)

But the truth is that I'm raising little over-hobbiers as well.  Katie & Mandy swim, read, play several instruments, sing, and they also enjoy the yarn quite a bit.

They also love animals very deeply, so our local zoo never gets old.  We visited it the other day and met Jaspar who is a 30-year-old macaw. (in case you wondered- that's young for a macaw)

Then we visited my favorite Alpacas.  Their names are Larry, Moe & Curly.

They were freshly shorn and I think I spent half of the visit 
wondering what happened to their wool.

I asked this on Facebook and several people explained to me about how wool is made into yarn.  Let me be clear, I do understand where my yarn comes form.  What I meant to ask was this, "Where does the wool from these specific zoo-dwelling alpacas go?"

Katie says she'll ask when she goes to Jr. Zoo Keeper camp in August so that 
I can stop wondering about it.  She's a good child.

Tell me about your hobbies!
Do you think it's possible to have too many?

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