Monday, June 2, 2014

My First Off-Road Run & Finding My Happy Run again!

It's Monday morning.  Why am I awake early?  I don't know, but I was wide awake way before I needed to be.  So I started the laundry & now I'm going to sit down and tell you about my race on Saturday!

Katie & I were signed up for the Bobcat Cross Country 5K sponsored by the school district where Ken works.  Ken & Mandy volunteered while we ran.
We let Mandy off the hook for this run since it looked tough and you know how running hurts her neck. (?)

We were happy to see my friend Rachel at the start.  I met Rachel here on the blog & I'm happy to say she's become a friend in real-life as well. (she's also become a fast runner-girl!)

I didn't have a time goal in mind since a) I was running with Katie b) This was my first off-road race and 
c) My running has been pathetic & un-inspired lately.

Our first concern was the idea that we might get lost.
We were pretty thrilled to see that the race organizers had sprayed a big white line throughout the whole course.  Stay on the white line- you won't get lost.  I sort of felt like Dorothy following the Yellow Brick Road.

The course was well-marked throughout and the organizers even threw in a little inspiration along the way.

Just past that half-way point we saw the very best road-marshalls out there.

No one is sure why Mandy needed a giant flashlight at 10:00 AM on a sunny day, but it seemed to make her feel official.  They even had music playing out of Ken's jeep. Awesome!

I haven't been sure where my running mojo ran off to these last few months.  But, I'm pretty sure I found it again out in these woods.  My shoes got muddy while my heart got happy.

We found friends at the finish line and everyone agreed this was a fun race.  
We're hoping it becomes an annual event.

Katie snapped this picture of me & Ken.  
The girls teased him until they got a "real smile" out of him.

After this race I came home and officially signed up for my half marathon in September. 
 I really do love to run.  I just forgot for a little while.

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