Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Saturday, Some Links for You & the Week in Review

Hello Saturday! Hello Friends! Hello Sunshine! (yes, it's shining outside!)

I'm eating my breakfast and the house is so quiet. UPDATE: Mandy came down shortly after I wrote that. It's not quiet anymore.  This girl can really talk first thing in the morning.

I'm making a mental list of all the little things I need to do today before I head to my basement for today's installment of P90X3.  I'm loving the workouts so far.  They're not kidding when they say you should expect to be sore the first week!

Ruger hangs out with me while I workout most days. He is not impressed.

(You should see how different he looks when I'm done working out and I get his leash off it's hook)

Later this morning I'm off to packet pick-up for the Glow Run 5K that we'll run tomorrow night.  You can expect a full report complete with picture in our brightly colored shirts.

Until then, I'm leaving you with some posts that I think are worth reading.

Leave me a comment & tell me how you're spending this weekend!

from Gretchen Rubin (By the way, I make my bed every day)

from Marc & Angel Hack Life

from JillFit (if you're not following her, you should be.  
This fitness expert writes a lot about mindset issues that apply to every part of your life.)

My Week in Review
Monday: P90X3 Synergistics & 1 mile puppy walk
Tuesday: P90X3 Agility X & 1 mile puppy walk
Wednesday: 30 min. run & P90X3 Yoga
Thursday: P90X3 The Challenge (all push-ups & pull-ups- yikes!) & 1 mile puppy walk
Friday: P90X3 CVX & 1 mile puppy walk
Saturday: 30 min. Run, P90X3 Warrior & 1 mile puppy walk

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