Thursday, May 29, 2014

Glow Run 5K or The Race Where I Almost Lost Grandma Glo

Hey there blog friends!

I'm a few days late on this one, but I wanted to stop in and tell you about the Glow Run 5K.  
Our bright-colored experience started on Saturday morning when we went to registration.

The first thing we saw was this line... yikes.

I must tell you that my local runner's club has packet pickup down to a science.  Even at the largest races I've never had to stand in a line like this one.  I try to stay positive, especially when I know that this is the first year for an event but I must admit that waiting for almost an hour made me a little ornery.

Makayla & Mandy were troopers though. (I wouldn't have brought them along if I'd known about the line.  
I thought we were going to pop in & pop out!)

Race night arrived and we all agreed that it was weird to say that- "race night".
We are all so accustomed to race mornings!  It felt weird to eat supper and then get in the car for a race, 
but that's what we did.

After the big line at registration we didn't take any chances and we headed to the race venue early.  
Luckily, there was plenty of parking.

I brought along some folding chairs even though all my people thought we wouldn't need them.

Makayla was joining us for the first time since this race was billed as family-friendly.  
This girl was doing a 5K her way right from the start. No need to wear yourself out.

We walked to the starting line area where there was live music and food vendors.  It was a really fun environment.  Despite the fact that no one wanted my chairs prior to the race, they seemed to be a good idea...

I also brought along a picnic blanket that no one needed...

We hung out for awhile and posted a little selfie on Instagram...

Finally it was time for Team Kids Run Wild to head to the start.  We were clearly not the most decked-out group there.  We sort of looked like the watermelon team with our pink & green.  Also- please notice that the sun is shining bright.  It didn't actually set until after we'd finished so we didn't glow much.

L-R: Grandma Glo, Katie, me (Rhonda), Kristina, Mandy & Makayla

We left the chairs & blanket in place and decided to meet there when we finished.  
Please remember that I'm saying this... we had a plan!

Kristina, Katie & I headed for the middle of the pack- our usual starting place. Grandma, Mandy & Makayla went for the back where they usually find the other walkers.

We tried to run as much as possible but two things kept getting in the way of our plan.  First, the course was really crowded.  We kept trying to run for awhile only to get stuck behind walkers or slower runners 
(seriously- I had no idea there were any runners slower than me).

Second, the hills on this course were SERIOUS!  I'm talking straight up.

Now, I like a challenge.  But remember, this race was billed as family friendly.
(My friend Heather pointed out that if we just ran the other direction this course would be easy.  
I think she needs to tell the race director)

Kristina, Katie & I found our way back to the finish line.  Our time was nothing to write home about but we weren't surprised and we didn't care.

We went to the chairs where we had previously decided to meet.

We waited awhile and then we had the bright idea that we should walk to the finish line area 
and look for the rest of our crew.

And we waited.

And we waited.

Then we got worried.  We worried because the hills were big and the kids were little.  
So we decided to walk further out into the course and look for our people

This was a mistake! We had made a plan- meet at the chairs.

We walked & worried.  We worried & walked.

We finally walked back to our chairs and you guessed it... 
Grandma Glo & the girls were sitting there wondering where we'd gone off to.

I found this selfie on my phone.

Are you wondering why we didn't call Grandma Glo?
That would be because someone had the bright idea of putting all the phones in Grandma's backpack. 
That same person also gave Grandma all the car keys.

Ok, it was me.  Lesson learned.

We will make sure each group has a phone next time.

More importantly, we will stick to the plan when it comes to our meeting place!

We mostly had a good time at the Glow Run, but I'm not in a big hurry to do it again.  I confess that I like the smaller, local races.  I think the introvert in me doesn't love being crowded while I run.

The good news is that we all left the race the way we arrived- together.  
I'm sure glad we didn't lose anyone out there.

Do you prefer big races or small races?

Do you have any tips for navigating a crowded course?

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