Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yes, I'm a Christian and a Yoga Warrior

Well hello there.  It's Sunday afternoon.  I'm sitting on my couch listening to Katie practice the piano.  We're all at home & we have nowhere we need to be.  All is right in my little world.

This is a blog post I've tried to write before but could never quite get on the page.  But, the question has come up again (I think due to all the chatter about the YW 365 Challenge) and I wonder if this is the time.

Once again I've had someone question how I can be a Christian and a yogi at the same time.  It wasn't asked to me directly, but instead posed to a dear friend of mine.  She was worried that she hadn't answered well on my behalf and I told her that was just fine.

I'm not sure how well I'll answer this question either.

I think I'm not sure how to answer because it's not something that I consider. Ever.

Now, before you think I'm shallow and ignoring my faith let me assure you that the truth is quite the opposite.
My faith is always with me.  It is always part of me.

I think that people might feel that since yoga comes from the Hindu & Buddhist faiths, that to practice yoga is to practice those faiths.

I can't speak for anyone's experience but my own.
When I am asked to look inward, my Christian faith is there to greet me.

I was a Christian this morning when I sat on the piano bench in my church playing "More Precious Than Silver" and I will still be a Christian in a little while when I move into downward facing dog on my yoga mat.  The mindfulness that is cultivated during my practice will extend into my efforts to lead a Christian life.

There is simply no separation between my faith and the other aspects of my life.  I don't know how else to describe my thoughts on this subject and I certainly respect those who feel differently.

I've never written about this here before because the topic is a little serious and that's just not what I normally do here.  But, my faith is no secret and neither is my love for yoga.

I promise, tomorrow I'll get back to randomness.

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