Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We are Becoming Warriors! (Day 2)

Yesterday the Warrior Women started our 14-Day Challenge with the Gathering!

The reviews are rolling in and the ladies are off to a great start.  

Amy thought that the pace of the class was just right- not too hard, not too easy. She liked Rudy's "realistic & non-judgmental" attitude and I completely agree.  Rudy makes you feel like you're not failing because you need a break- instead the message seems to be that you are being wise and listening to your own body.  (a refreshing change from some workout DVDs)

Diane said that she appreciated the time to just be quiet.

I think so many people struggle with that.  I like Rudy's encouragement that taking time away from our busy lives actually allows us to come back as better moms, wives, daughters & sisters.

Krista said that the Gathering was hard work but she felt incredible at the finish!

Today we're hitting the mat again for "Versatile Warrior", the next class in Yoga Warrior 365.

Are you ready to join the challenge with my Warrior Women?
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