Friday, April 25, 2014

Our Yoga Challenge continues... and we've got company!

It's Friday!

Days 3 & 4 of the Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge have already passed.  Responsible Warrior and Freed Warrior were very good to some of the yogis and a little tough on others.

Responsible Warrior focuses on shoulder openers.  I love this practice.  Hours on the piano bench each day leave my poor shoulders carrying all the tension in my body sometimes.

Megs was looking forward to digging into this one as her shoulders have caused her some running problems before.  I think we are beginning to think about our whole bodies in connection!

Freed Warrior is all about hip openers.  This is where my running problems begin.  
I learned that my left hip is generally unhappy.  More yoga please.

I think I've told you before about Ruger's behavior during my yoga practice.  He likes to bring me rawhide bones (y'know, just in case I need one) and he likes to try to lie down under me while I'm on downward dog.  
It's really helpful.

Megs has an adorable little boy who thinks that Child's Pose is an invitation to be a monkey on her back. (ha!) Emily's cat Rory licks her, bites her and ultimately decides to have a snuggle while she's practicing.

So I asked the rest of the Warrior Women if they had any regular company while they practice.  
Here's what they said:

Krista- "My dog Shug likes to either chew a bone on the mat or lick me. Yoga must make me taste good."

Selena- "My cat Chloe paces the mat and meows... 
at one point when Rudy said lie flat she dropped down on her side..."

Lori- "The guinea pig started squealing the minute I pressed play both days..."

Gloria- "My four year old granddaughter. And she doesn't allow potty breaks."

Who keeps you company when you exercise?

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