Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Adjustments Make a Big Difference

Good morning!

I hope you're all off to a good beginning this week.

The Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge continues.  This weekend I asked the Warrior Women how they were liking the program so far.  The resounding theme was that they like Rudy Mettia's emphasis on listening to your body and responding appropriately.

He is the only teacher that I've ever heard to actually encourage students to skip a vinyasa
and then compliment them on their restraint and intelligence.

This leaves novice yogis feeling like the practice can be accomplished even if one is unable
to slip easily into each and every pose.  What a gift!

We've also been talking in our group about modifications of poses.  One of the most helpful items I own is my yoga block.  There are times in most yoga classes when a teacher says "and put your hand on the floor" and all the normal, non-pretzel people in the class think to themselves "yeah, right."

This is when a yoga block comes in handy.  You can use it to bring the floor closer to your hand.  You can stand it up on the short side for a lot of assistance or lay it down on it's longer side in order to settle in a little deeper.  Sometimes the smallest of adjustments makes a BIG difference.

This is the one I use... if you click on the picture, you can purchase it on Amazon.

During "Focused Warrior" (I think it's Disc 6 in the YW 365 set), Rudy asks students to reach down 
and hook the big toe with the 1st two fingers.  No problem.  
Now straighten your leg in front of you.  
My hamstrings find this particular directive to be hilarious!

This is when my yoga strap comes to the party.

I loop it around my foot, hold it in my hand and straighten my leg.  I can get the full stretch/full benefit of the pose even though I'm not flexible enough to execute it the way that the yogis on the DVD do.

Are you ready to join the challenge with my Warrior Women?
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You can read about all of the Yoga Warrior 365 Challengers HEREHERE and HERE.

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