Monday, April 14, 2014

Introducing a Few More Warrior Women- Join the Challenge with us!

The Yoga Warrior 365 14-Day Challenge begins in one week!  Are you joining us?

Get this- Rudy Mettia, creator of YW 365 and the teacher on the DVDs is joining the party!
How can you miss this?

Request to join the Facebook group HERE.
If you need to order your YW365 DVDs you can do that HERE.
Use the code "GRATITUDE" for 35 % off!

This week I'll introduce you to a few more of the awesome Warrior Women who have agreed to take on
14-Days of Yoga.

When I asked my friend Krista to tell me why she agreed to do the
YW 365 challenge, her answer was so perfect that I decided to quote it to you exactly.  Here's what she had to say:

"I am inspired to indulge in Yoga Warrior because I need to center my mind, find the calm through my breath, and treat my body with respect.  It can be done at home, in my yard, or in my woods.  I feel like it will help me get into shape- mind, body, and soul. I am truly excited to embark on this journey!"

Diane has been my one of my favorite people since we were in the third grade.  She is committing to the YW 365 Challenge because she thinks she can try anything for 14 days!  (I agree- what do you think?)

She has already completed many 5Ks... I know she's going to rock this challenge and I can't wait to hear what she says about it.

Megs is another runner girlfriend who is ready to become a yogi!
She says that she is hoping yoga will help her core strength & mobility which are so important to runners.  Since she recently signed up for her first Ultra Marathon, I'm thinking her body will love a little yoga.

Emily is the Youtheatre/Education Director at the Erie Playhouse where my kids do shows all the time.  I'm so glad that theatre brought her into our family so that now we get to call her a friend.  She has practiced yoga & pilates for several years.  In August we'll be joining Emily & other friends for the Color Run.  I'm thrilled to have her joining us for this yoga journey.

And I know- I'm seriously blessed to know so many amazing women.  My life is definitely fuller because of them.

Will you join us for 14 Days of Yoga?

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