Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Weekend of Music, Family & Noisy Beagles

Happy Easter!
I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend.

We started as we always do on Easter Sunday- we headed to our church and played music with friends.  I love music so much- it's truly a powerful force in my  life and I'm forever grateful that I have so many friends who share that love.

We do two services on Easter and between services all of the musicians and their families head to McDonald's for breakfast. (huge treat for my kiddos since I don't really love McD's)

It's so fun to enjoy breakfast together before we head back for the second service.

As I write this post there is a beagle of my lap.  Hang on, I'll check which one...

It's Knute.

Knute is Ruger's brother and he is spending the weekend with us. Two 1 1/2 year-old beagles can really make some noise.  Come on over- they will sing you the song of their people. "Aaarrroooo!"

Just when you think they might drive you crazy, they turn on their cuteness and get snuggly.  
I am powerless in the face of this much love.

Ruger sleeps with Katie so it only seemed fair that Mandy gets the other beagle for snuggling.  
Knute settled easily into Mandy's room at bedtime.  I think we're really going to miss him when his family picks him up later today.  I wonder if I could hide him in a closet?

After a weekend that has included an alarming amount of chocolate and not nearly enough sleep, I'm excited to start the Yoga Warrior 365 Challenge tomorrow.  I love breaks, but I also love getting my workouts in and I know I feel better when I eat better.

So tomorrow I'll welcome the accountability of the Warrior Women.

Right after I have another chocolate egg.

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