Sunday, March 16, 2014

5 Things I Did Not Do This Weekend

Let's talk about the things I DID NOT do this weekend.

1. I did not run my local St. Patrick's Day 5K.
After painting the house for 5 days in a row, sleeping in on Saturday was a priority.
Cathedral ceilings are great until you realize that you're 5 feet tall
and someone has to paint up there.

2. I did not run at all.
I know.  It's shocking when a runner-girl lets the whole weekend go by without even a short run but that's what happened. And I'm not sorry... I'll run soon.

3. I did not go to a St. Patrick's Day parade.
Katie was a cockroach in her school play and if you think I'm missing that you're crazy.

She's not a cockroach here. She was a cockroach earlier in the show.

4. I did not miss an opportunity to sit down and have a good knit.  
It's the only way to recover from all the ladder climbing.

It's going to be a cowl when it grows up.
5. I did not let my eating go to crap just because I was in the midst of a project. 
 I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment.

Still loving this OXO chopper... you really need one.

Now I'm off to the grocery store to replenish the veggies that I'll be dumping in that chopping bowl this week. 

What did you NOT do this weekend?

The winner of the shirt from My Race Ragz is Rebecca Pytell! 

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