Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter & What I Ate Wednesday

Hello loves!  Are you in the Polar Vortex?  Are you managing to stay warm?

In case  you didn't know, I write this little blog for you from Erie, Pennsylvania.  My little town is officially the snowiest city in America at this point.  As of today, we have seen 108.5 inches of snow this winter.
I'm pretty sure most of it landed on my deck.

Are we proud of this accomplishment?  Umm… we'll get back to you after we've thawed out a bit.

But, we Erie folks are not inexperienced with snow.
Our schools are rarely closed, everyone goes to work and generally continues about their business.

We've also learned how to have snowy fun.

My friend Heather and I went snow-shoeing on Saturday and had quite an adventure.

I'll spare you the details. We learned that the Beaver Dam Trail is not a loop.  
Katie says we're not allowed to head out together again without a map.

Our girls were skiing & the mamas were snow shoeing.  It was an awesome Saturday.  
It ended snuggled under a warm blanket and working on my sock.

Life is good, friends.

So, I realized that I haven't given you any What I Ate Wednesday action lately!

Let's do this thing!

On Sunday, the girlies and I went to church.  Ken was freezing his butt off ice fishing, 
so we decided to stop and have a girls' lunch at our favorite sandwich shop.

I enjoyed my favorite sandwich, The Mona Lisa.
By the way, this is a half sandwich.  It's more than enough for me.

Do you see all the goodies falling out of my sandwich?
That's spinach, tomatoes, turkey, cheese, artichokes & pesto mayo.  
I think the pesto mayo is the key to the awesomeness here.  
I need to start experimenting with making it at home- I'll get back to you.

Katie & Mandy split a lovely sandwich called the Botticelli.
It has several lunch meats, cheese and the wonderful pesto mayo on it.

That night we grilled lamb chops for dinner.
I made a little sauce from greek yogurt, lemon juice, paprika & cumin. Yum.

Lunches this week have looked like this.

First, I am completely addicted to roasted sweet potato fries this winter.  They are such comfort food to me.  Second, although most of my diet is unprocessed,  I can't seem to give up the ranch dressing completely.  

What's your favorite veggie right now?
How are you managing to have fun this winter?

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