Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Things Friday & the Week in Review

Well hello Friday!  I'm glad you're here.

I thought I'd take a moment here to tell you about some stuff I'm loving.

Let's dig right in…

1. I love that my dear husband has decided to start 
ice fishing in the Polar Vortex.

Please understand, I think he's a wee bit crazy to go out on the frozen bay and turn himself into a popsicle,
but he brings fish home for dinner so it's all good.

And he's not alone in his crazy… 
there's a whole little city that pops up when the bay freezes.

Ken doesn't have one of those shelters yet.  But he's talking about getting one just so that Ruger 
can go out with him.  I'll keep you posted on just how crazy things get around here.

2. I love that I accidentally became a knitter.

I wasn't initially interested in knitting, but Mandy wanted to do it so I got on board.  Now I'm completely addicted to yarn & all that comes with it.  It's the perfect activity for a cold winter night.

This thing is so fun.  You dump your salad veggies in the bowl…

… and then you run the big chopper over them and your salad becomes perfectly shredded.

I'm pretty sure I've been eating more salad lately just because it's fun to shred.
Trust me, you need one of these.

Before you go, check out my Virtual 5K!

You can finish anytime before 2/28 & be eligible to win prizes from my friends at 1st Step Pro-Wellness.  
The race is FREE and there's an option to order a t-shirt.  Join me!

Here's the week in Review…

What are you loving right now?

30 min. Run
Rockbody Strength Workout
(Sunday is normally a rest day but I worked 3 long days in a row at the end of last week 
& didn't work out at all.  So, I decided to jump right back in.)

30 min. Walk
RockBody Fitness Strength Workout

Rockbody Fitness Workout

30 min. Walk

30 min. Run
Rockbody Fitness Workout
Ultimate Yogi Hard Core

Rockbody Fitness Workout

Run Intervals
Abs Workout from

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