Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yoga Teaches Me & the Week in Review

I challenged myself to do 31 Days of Yoga in January. (last time was in July 2013)
 I'm 7 days in and today I'm beginning to see what yoga is trying to teach me this time. 

This time I am learning to notice and respect my body and the way it moves 
without constantly judging it.

Yoga always teaches me something…

Last year I did The Ultimate Yogi 108 and loved it. Then I did Yoga Warrior 365 for awhile and loved it also despite the fact that they are very different yoga programs.

This year I've designed a calendar for myself that includes both of these wonderful programs. 

I'm one week in and I'm really seeing the way that these 2 very different practices 
compliment each other. 

The first time I did UY I was a little ruthless with myself. I pushed through difficult poses (even through a little pain) thinking that if I didn't force myself to do it I wasn't "really" doing the program. 

Now I'm more willing to modify without feeling like I'm failing. There are things that just don't feel good on my body and I'm okay with that. Maybe they'll feel better eventually and maybe they won't. Either way- it's yoga and it's good.

If you'd like to incorporate Yoga into your 2014 plans,
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The fabulous yoginis in that group are ready to support you!

Here's my week in review…

Short & Sweet #1 with Travis Eliot

UY Vitality

Mid-Day Yoga Integration from

UY CrossTrain
1/2 mile walk with the puppy

Shoulder Flow from
1 mile walk with the puppy

UY Cardio
Short Run OR Snow Shoeing- we'll see!

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