Monday, January 20, 2014

Knitting, Music & a Monkey! Oh My!

Hello friends! Life has been wonderfully busy around here.
I thought today we might do a little catching up… photo-dump style.

The girls & I have a day off so I made them dentist appointments.  
After that, we shall see what happens!

First, I have to tell you that winter puts me in the mood to knit more than any other season.

Ken is getting a new hat. Do you like my stitch marker?

And I got new needles that are square.  
I love them a little too much and need to order some more.

I've been playing the piano A LOT!
Hint- if you want to find out if there are musical theatre fans standing around you, 
play some Rodgers & Hammerstein.  The theatre kids will sing along- they can't help it.

Katie & Mandy got new hair cuts…

…so that they'd be ready to open another show.

Dress rehearsals were exhausting, but fun as usual.  
They're doing Disney's Aladdin Jr. and Mandy is playing Abu (the little monkey).

Katie is a lovely Narrator. (no, there's no way I made that costume)

Opening night arrived with a bang- the show was fantastic!
Grandma Glo was very proud.

As were the parents, friends & family of all of the talented people 
we get to call friends.

I'm a seriously proud mama all the time, but this weekend was a little over the top.

And I'm off to get a quick run on the treadmill before the day gets going.
Things are looking busy this week too!

I better throw a couple of these in my purse.

Have a great day!

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