Friday, December 27, 2013

Post-Christmas Report & My January of Yoga

How was your Christmas?

Mine was fun and exhausting and full of Christmas cookies courtesy of Grandma Glo.  
That lady and her baking pans have the power to destroy my diet in a single brunch!

I'm not sorry.

We had a lovely Christmas brunch with cutie kids everywhere.

Makayla came in and declared, "This is a Merry Christmas!".  
She and Mandy played like it was their job.

My dear nephew Brian made my day when he immediately put on the hat 
I knitted for him in his school colors.

I love that picture of Brian & Katie.  Brian is very cool & Katie is very smile-y.  
Their entire personality and relationship is right there in that picture.  
They are officially growing up too fast and need to knock it off.

I tried to get a picture of my other little niece, Raegan (the one-year-old), 
but she was very busy and told me "no way."

After brunch we headed home for a little rest before going to the other Grandparents' house.  
Ruger was exhausted.

So, I've been telling you guys about the awesome training program I did in November & December with Rockbody Fitness.  This is a great program which I highly recommend if you're looking for strength-training and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

But, I'm taking a little break from it.

I've had a flare-up of my TMJ which I believe is connected to stress and weight-lifting.  I think that I clench my jaw when things get tough.  So, I'm shifting my focus back to yoga.

Yoga & I get along great.  I designed myself a little training calendar which incorporates 
Ultimate Yogi 108 and Yoga Warrior 365.  If life gets crazy, I will substitute a shorter practice from when I need to- but I've got a plan and I'll do my best to stick with it.

…and I've got goodies for you!

My friends at Udaya will give you the first month of your subscription FREE!  
Use the coupon code RUDY.  After the first month it's only $9/month but if you don't love it you can cancel any time.

If you're interested- you can see my January plan HERE.

If you're making yoga part of your 2014 plan, I'd like to invite you to join my Wild About Yoga Facebook page.  Whether you are a beginning yogi or you're trying to make a daily habit (like me!) you'll find motivation there.  
(and it's FREE)

Ruger loves my yoga mat.

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