Monday, December 9, 2013

Operation Ho-Ho & the Week in Review

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm so excited today.  I'm officially on Christmas break from the University where I "work".  I put it in quotes like that because I'm not sure that you're allowed to have as much fun as I have in my job and still call it work.

I will miss playing for the ballerinas and look forward to seeing them in 2014.

I left them on Friday with lots of Christmas music in their ears.

Yesterday Mandy played a very funny (little bit sarcastic) King Herod in the Children's Christmas production at our church.  This was the first time she got to play the villain of the play and she loved every minute. So did I.

So today I'm home alone (of course Ruger is here- we'll go for a walk before lunch) 
and Operation Ho Ho is in full swing.  That's what I'm calling it this year.

The tree is up, but I've got loads of other decorations ready to deck these halls.  I've got gifts to wrap, gifts yet to buy & gifts to make.  I made a list and I'm checking it twice (ok, maybe more than that).  
I plan to enjoy every minute of this Christmas season.

Lots of my blogger-friends are doing posts on staying healthy during the holidays or gift guides.  I was thinking about doing something like that for you, but then I decided to just share some of the great posts I've been reading.  I'm compiling them on this pinterest board for your easy reference and I'll add to them during December.  I'd love to help you get your Operation Ho Ho going too.

Here are some posts I found and liked- there are more over on the Pinterest board.

Healthy Holiday Living

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season- Jill at Fitness Health & Happiness

Gift Guides for the Healthy Girl in Your Life
(feel free to forward these to your spouses/ loved ones)

Holiday Gift Guide- Live Love Surf

Help for After the Holiday Season

Post Holiday Detox- Mommy Run Fast

(highly recommended by me!)

Here's what last week looked like for me.
This week I'm planning to ramp things up in the fitness department.  
I'm trying to pre-burn some Christmas cookie calories!

Rest Day

30 minute run
1 mile walk with the puppy

RockBody Fitness Strength Workout
1 mile walk with the puppy

RockBody Fitness Strength Workout
1 mile walk with the puppy

RockBody Fitness Fit Test
1 mile walk with the puppy
Stretching & Foam Rolling (much needed today!)

RockBody Fitness Strength Workout
1 mile walk with the puppy
Stretching & Foam Rolling

Yoga Warrior 365 Video
1 mile walk with the puppy

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