Monday, December 30, 2013

My Fast Metabolism New Year

Hey friends!

Monday marked my first day back on the Fast Metabolism Diet .  I'm not waiting until January 1st.  I have no energy right now because I've been fueling myself badly for the better part of two weeks.  We generally don't do anything exciting for New Year's Eve, so I decided not to wait any longer.  

It's time to feel better- right now.

I really believe in Haylie Pomroy's plan. Her rules are strict and she gets results.  My favorite thing about the "diet" is that it's based on real food.  You can get everything you need at the grocery store.

So, when I tell you that I love this program- you can be assured that I'm telling you the truth.  I'm not trying to sell you anything.  There is no additional "product" that you can order from me that will promise success.

You have to work the plan.  You have to eat whole foods that fuel your body the way it wants to be fueled.
You can do this.  So can I.

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I pre-ordered the cookbook as soon as I could.  I can't wait to spend January trying new recipes!

(click on the photo below to pre-order!)

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