Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm Back with a Thanksgiving Recap!

Hey there friends!

The blog has been totally neglected lately.  What can I say? Christmas is coming and I really want to be knitting all the time!  But I'm here now… let me tell you what's been going on…

I've been making a real effort to walk this guy more often.

He loves it, I need it and he is tired when we get home.  A tired puppy is a good puppy.
It's a winning situation all around.

Right before Thanksgiving we got some beautiful snow!

That's the view out my back door.  The grill is still out there because we use it all winter.  
Ken says that the smell of charcoal makes him think of summer fun.

The girls were excited because they got to cross-country ski on Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving morning we got up at dark-thirty to celebrate my favorite part of Turkey Day- 
The ERC Turkey Trot 5K! (there's a 10K too, but I've never done that)

We met up with our crew and headed to Presque Isle State Park for the race.
This year there were shuttle busses to take us from a larger parking area to the starting line.

It was a little bit cold outside.

Mandy & Aunt Andrea (my sis-in-law) shared a seat…

Mandy rocks the turkey hat, don't you think?

Grandma Glo & Aunt Kristina (my other sis-in-law) were across the aisle from me.  Their picture was dark, but I'm showing it to you anyway so that you can see all the snow behind them.

Katie & I shared a seat and took a selfie for you.

Despite the cold temperatures, there was a record turn-out for this year's race.  Snow isn't really a big deterrent in my area of the country.  Once we got moving we warmed up pretty quick.

The pack of 5K runners & walkers at the starting line was huge.  We were inching our way up the side, trying to figure out which people looked our speed when suddenly the race started! 
So we just went for it and started where we were.

I ran alongside Katie & Kristina.

We had a great time with no time goals to speak of.
(I didn't even check the online results- this race was about fun)

We walked during the parts of the course that were particularly icy.

We managed to stay on our feet until right at the finish line when Katie wiped out.  
She told me today that her butt has finally healed.

When we got to the finish line we waited for our walkers.
(Andrea walked too.  I don't know how I didn't get a finish line picture of her)

While we waited, Kristina & I talked about the first Turkey Trot we did together.  
In 2004, we signed up for the 5K Walk on a whim. It sounded like fun- the fact that neither of us was really exercising regularly didn't stop us from signing up & pinning on a number.

I actually won my age group in the walk that day.  It's the only time that's ever happened, so my only regret is that I didn't go to the post-race party & get my award.

We've only missed one Turkey Trot since then.  I had the stomach flu & decided not to ruin everyone's Thanksgiving Dinner by grossing them out.  
Every year we see someone wearing that one shirt we're missing and it bugs us just a little.

I'm so glad we signed up and that it's now a part of our family's Thanksgiving tradition.

A few year's back we added on to the tradition with a stop at Tim Horton's on the way home.  
We grab beverages & donuts to hold us over until dinner time.

No skimping on fun.

Did you do a Turkey Trot in your hometown?

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