Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm Having a Party & You're Invited!

I'm having a little party and you're invited!

This week I'm hosting a Pangea Organics Beauty Beats Breast Cancer Party!

A few fun facts about Pangea Organics...

  • The preservatives that Pangea uses in it's products are 100% natural.
  • Pangea Organics uses organic ingredients whenever possible because organic ingredients are more potent then their non-organic and processed counterparts. That means Pangea Organics antioxidant-rich formulas are naturally anti-aging and anti-wrinkle to support more naturally beautiful skin.
  • Since Pangea Organics does not include chemical fillers in its products, a bottle of Pangea Organics skincare lasts longer, increasing the value of the creams, liquids and ingredients inside and reducing the need to throw away or recycle more packaging.

Check out the Pangea Organics product line HERE
(by the way, I have the Hand Cream- it smells so great!)

My party will only be open until Friday October 11th!

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